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G4 Packaging offers a broad line of trays sizes that meet most supermarket packaging requirements for fresh food. You can find our trays in the meat, produce, and prepared food sections of the market.

Our trays are a natural color. We use no bleach or dyes, just natural fibers that come from the fields and are harvested annually. This packaging provides a sustainable and compostable alternative to traditional packaging materials.

A natural color for a natural package.

Our trays not only help you merchandise your food but also let your customers know that there has been a change... a change from foam to a package that is recognized as an environmentally acceptable alternative.

For a detailed listing of the trays we offer, please click here and we will direct you to our current product spec sheet.


Custom design
In addition to the standard industry tray sizes, we offer is a growing number of trays that have been created for custom food applications. A unique item may require a unique tray. Give us a couple of months and we can design and build a mold that will produce your own proprietary package.

Point of Sale
Point of Sale Materials that tell the "story." Our artwork is designed to simply inform and promote your decision to switch from foam to fiber. A change that underscores your commitment to your community and the world we all live in.

Our Services
First and foremost our primary goal is to be a quality supplier of natural molded fiber trays that offers:
- The broadest range of molded fiber packaging at an economical cost.
- The most favorable logistics -- the ability to move product efficiently.
- The creative resources to develop custom packaging.
- The assurance of consistent high quality packaging.
- The guarantee of continuity of supply.

G4 Packaging - The Leading Provider of Eco-Friendly Supermarket Fresh Food Trays and Containers.
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