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The New "Greengrocer"
Greengrocer takes on a whole new meaning in our rapidly changing industry.
Customers are looking for reasonable changes in our markets that will have a positive impact on our environment. Today's Greengrocer needs to respond to communities desire for more environmentally friendly business practices. More and more consumers have identified waste reduction as a priority and they look to their local grocer to take a proactive position.
Just do the math:
Tens of million of foam trays are used annually in supermarkets for packaging fresh food. For every million foam trays more than two tons of polystyrene end up in a landfill. The tray that is used for a day or two in the meat or produce department ends up in a landfill indefinitely.
Some things just don't compute:
The shelf life of the fresh food you sell is measured in days... the life of the foam tray you use is measured in centuries.
Organic fresh food is perceived as natural and wholesome... why would you put it on a foam tray that is considered artificial and environmentally unsafe.
Climate isn't the only thing that is changing!
Customers attitude toward foam packaging is also changing... polystyrene waste is a growing concern.
The cost:
The retail fresh food industry has an opportunity to make changes that will improve our communities. But as we all know this change comes at a cost. It would be unfair to ignore the cost differential between foam trays and our natural fiber trays.

No doubt sticker shock is predictable when you compare costs between foam and fiber. But this added cost is not only an investment in our future... but just good business.
Return on My Green Investment
- Reduction in waste that doesn't go away.
- Customer recognition that you are a community problem solver.
- Community recognition that you are proactive business operator.
- Reduction in our reliance on petroleum-based packaging.
Who pays for this additional cost?
The added cost for this alternative packaging so in an industry that historically works on small profit margins you may ask how do we absorb the increased packaging cost?
At the end of the day the cost of "going green" is a community cost that everyone shares in.

"Going Green" is no longer just another slogan... just ask your customers.

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