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Supermarkets may be told to ban foam trays! What's an operator to do?

In response to this question, a group of supermarket packaging veterans got together to find "environmentally friendly" alternatives.

The result of that meeting was the creation of G4 Packaging.

Today we are the recognized leader in providing changes in packaging for supermarkets and their fresh food suppliers -- changes that require a fresh look at packaging fresh food.

Foam, perceived to be one of the leading contributors to our out-of-control municipal landfill waste crisis, is a fresh food packaging problem... and we have found a solution.

Our strategy is simple -- partner with forward thinking retailers and fresh food processors to provide environmentally acceptable packaging -- packaging that is a significant step in changing this packaging paradigm for the retail fresh food industry.

In addition we have partnered with established suppliers and logistics experts to insure continuity of supply of consistently high quality packaging.

Our trays are made from sustainable and compostable materials like sugar cane pulp. These raw materials are harvested annually, abundantly available and degrade in a matter of months.


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The G4 Packaging team is dedicated to developing better packaging for a better world.

G4 Packaging - The Leading Provider of Eco-Friendly Supermarket Fresh Food Trays and Containers.
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